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The end-of-life playlist

Ruby Lohman

During the final moments of her uncle’s life, Camille Broomhead played assistant DJ as the family held vigil. A musician among other things, her uncle took his final breath just after one of his favourite artists’ songs – its lyrics spine-tinglingly profound – came to an end.

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Dylan's funeral

Ruby Lohman

You’ve probably attended at least one funeral, and it was probably of the impersonal, formulaic kind: the clinical funeral home chapel, the ‘insert name here’ eulogy, the stale sandwiches. The rush to the finish line so the funeral directors could get on with the next one.

But Dylan's funeral was a little bit different…

When the coffin holds the body of a young 22 year-old-guy, it’s not surprising that around 450 people will show up to the funeral to say goodbye.

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