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What's the Alternative?

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What's the Alternative?

  • Kinfolk 673 Bourke Street Melbourne, VIC, 3000 Australia (map)


You’ve thought about your ideal life – but what about your death?

And if you could live forever, would you?  

We live in a society that is safe, abundant and free. But it’s also a society in which we long ago gave away our connection with death and dying. We’ve outsourced it to nursing homes and funeral corporations. We’ve lost knowledge, traditions and rituals. One of the biggest things we’ve lost is choice – choice in how we die and choice in how we are farewelled.

But what if there was a new choice – to live forever. Would you take it?

At this Death Dinner Party winter feast, two very different speakers – an end-of-life consultant and a molecular biologist and transhumanist – will talk to us about death and choice: from making empowered, meaningful decisions about how we die, through to the ultimate choice – to not die at all.

Join us for an intimate three-course feast, drinks and fascinating conversations with a roomful of like-minded people.


Annie Bolitho

Annie is an experienced and holistic end-of-life consultant who works with people to create meaningful experiences surrounding dying and death. Through her Melbourne-based business Kinship Ritual, she supports people with planning, end-of-life support, and services such as funerals and vigils. She is also a co-convenor of Death Cafe Melbourne, a celebrant, a speaker and a workshop facilitator. 

From her website: 

We all encounter the end of a lifetime. None of us can change that. But there’s a field of possibility between home and the grave. We can change the ways we meet end of life. We can get together to talk and explore. We can turn ceremonies into rituals. We can hold vigils and memorials. We can meet it all face to face.

Annie works with people to co-create end-of-life experiences, bringing art into dying and helping people decide what’s important, what they want and what they don’t want. She is passionate about supporting people to explore the many possibilities and choices they have when it comes to end of life, and empowering people to make informed decisions so they can die and be remembered in a way that is truly meaningful and unique. 

Annie is an important voice in the growing movement in Australia (and around the world) that's bringing death out from the shadows and into the light.  

Peter Xing

"It's very poetic to say there is a narrative arc with life and death. But it's a social construct."

Peter Xing is the Head of Transhumanism Australia, an organisation that educates and invests in scientific research and technologies that enhance the human condition. Their biggest priority: immortality. The group is petitioning to get ageing deemed a disease and force governmental change. 

Transhuman literally means beyond human. It's a growing global movement of life extensionists, biohackers, roboticists, futurists and others who are using cutting-edge science and technology to try to improve the human condition. And Peter is leading the movement in Australia to try to accelerate our understanding of, and demand for, immortality.   

He says that recent scientific studies support the idea that ageing is not a fixed certainty, and there are drugs now being trialled that could add years to our lives. 

Is immortality truly realistic? And what are Peter's thoughts on the implications of longer – and even eternal – life? We'll chat about all this and more. 



We've partnered with The Weekly Service to give you an opportunity to take the conversation beyond the dinner table. The Weekly Service creates spaces that bring people together to slow down, share stories and re-connect with themselves, their local community and the world. Death Dinner Party is offering TWS members a discount on tickets. Find out more about The Weekly Service. 

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