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How to Have a Fabulous Funeral

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How to Have a Fabulous Funeral

  • Bustle Studios 457 Elizabeth Street Surry Hills, NSW, 2010 Australia (map)


You’ve probably attended at least one funeral of the impersonal, formulaic kind – clinical funeral home chapel, [insert name here] eulogy, stale sandwiches. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

These days, according to research, most people want a funeral that’s a meaningful, relaxed celebration. They're interested in alternatives to the traditional. Not many want sombre and serious. 

But it takes thought and advance planning.

If you don't write your wishes down, chances are they won't happen.

At this intimate Death Dinner Party + Picaluna workshop, you'll hear stories and information from experienced funeral planners, get some ideas or plans down on paper, and have illuminating conversations over drinks and nibbles. 

Would your family and friends know what you wanted for your funeral, if you died tomorrow?

Where would it be held? What songs would be played?  What poems would be read?
Would it be a sombre mourning or a colourful celebration?

How would you be remembered?

Deep in shock and grief, your family would – understandably – be guided by the funeral company (who are likely focused on profit above all else). It’s hard, in that moment of intense grief, to do much else. Unless they already know what you want. 

We work so hard to create a wonderful life for ourselves. So why not a fabulous funeral?

Your funeral can be confronting to think about, of course. And that’s why so many people don’t do it. But it can also be liberating, enjoyable, inspiring and enlightening to think about.

At this special three-hour workshop in Sydney, we’ll explore ideas and possibilities with guidance from two funeral experts. You’ll take time to think about what you’d want at your funeral and get some ideas down on paper.

You will:

  • Hear stories from two of Picaluna’s (incredibly warm and entertaining!) funeral planners
  • Learn important facts and practical information, including alternatives to 'traditional' funerals
  • Have the chance to ask a funeral planner all the questions you’ve ever had about funerals
  • Share your thoughts, ideas and experiences
  • Take time to explore ideas for your own funeral and get them down on paper
  • Reflect on what’s really important to you. Thinking about the end of our lives and how we want to be remembered is a powerful way to focus on what’s most important in our lives
  • Have illuminating conversations in a supportive, fun and creative environment
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Who is it for?
Everyone! The truth is, we don’t know when or how we’re going to die. We hope it will be after we have lived a long and full life, and for many it is. But the unexpected happens, and it’s a wonderful thing to be prepared.

Who is Picaluna?
Picaluna is helping to lead a revolution in the funeral industry. They're an innovative NSW-based funeral business creating funerals that don’t follow a formula. They tailor funerals, memorials and meaningful life celebrations to families' needs, rather than forcing people to conform to the rigid practices of an industry that's slow to evolve. 

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