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Welcome to Death Dinner Party

There may be no single thing that can teach us more about life than death.
— Arianna Huffington, 'Thrive'

Death is the one thing we all have in common. But it’s a topic most of us feel uncomfortable thinking about let alone talking about. So what does that mean for the way we die – and the way we live? Could we be doing it all a little bit better?

Death Dinner Party is an event unlike anything you’ve experienced: a three-course feast, a roomful of like-minded people, and intriguing conversations about death and dying. Sometimes it gets serious, occasionally it gets weird, at times it’s hilarious. But it’s always inspiring.

Held in Sydney and Melbourne, Death Dinner Party is a celebration of life and an exploration into life’s greatest inevitability. It's a chance to have the conversations we need to be having, but aren't. The conversations that really matter. The conversations that can change our lives. 


Each dinner party features guest speakers who tell their stories, share their perspectives and spark conversations. Speakers might include a funeral director, an artist, a spiritual leader, an end-of-life consultant, or someone who’s had a near-death experience. We don't seek professional speakers – these are everyday people with interesting stories and experiences to share about death and life. 

The evening flows between food and wine, Q&A sessions with our speakers, and table discussions and questions. Death isn’t the easiest topic, so we want you to feel like you’re dining at a friend’s place. It’s relaxed, welcoming and intimate. 

This is not a morbid event (nor is it a support group) and we promise there’s no death-themed food. We don't subscribe to a particular spiritual belief system, and we welcome anyone and everyone. Because Death Dinner Party is about creating a safe space for people to share stories, and to become more comfortable with something that happens to all of us. And celebrating life and good eats, of course.

our vision

We want to help normalise death, and help you create the kind of life, and death, you truly want for yourself and the people you love. We want to contribute to a culture in which we have reclaimed the rituals and knowledge about death that we have, for now, given away. We're doing that by bringing great people together, sharing food and wine, and starting vital conversations. 

When you leave Death Dinner Party, we want you to feel satisfied, connected and excited about life – as well as inspired, informed and perhaps even a little bit enlightened.

what people say

Here’s what some of our guests have said after leaving Death Dinner Party.

“I was full of happiness and joy – and a real gut instinct that I need to re-evaluate my life. And a desire to come to another dinner!” – Lorna

“Really came away feeling both peaceful and excited to be alive. Anything that can evoke such a feeling can only be an amazing thing.” – James

“I felt like my mind had been opened. I’ve spent the past few days chatting to people about death. I’ve got some odd looks but that’s okay :)” – Cara

“Almost every person I told about the night was very interested and I ended up having conversations with people that I would probably never have had. So I love that one dinner has flowed on into the rest of my life.” Nikki
"It gave me a starting place to talk about death with my family, particularly my parents, and that's been really great."  Rachael 
"I felt super happy and elated. Great company, and a great way to spend a Saturday." Agatha